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FriarTuck is the leading provider of Perioperative Optimization solutions. Unlike existing approaches, SurgeryOptimizer presents next generation intelligent and real-time OR dashboard system using active RFID technology.  

SurgeryOptimizer closes the gap between the work processes of the hospital staff and the myriad IT systems and communication devices, bringing disparate information together in meaningfully context-aware visual displays. SurgeryOptimizer augments the existing hospital infrastructure, to enable team members to be more aware, respond to exceptions, make critical handoffs, and in general work more effectively by having the right information, in the right form, at the right time.

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SurgeryOptimizer empowers the hospital to implement an efficient pre, intra and post OR workflow centered around patient safety through the adoption of an intelligent and real-time operating theatre dashboard system that captures, synthesizes, and automatically displays essential patient and surgical information from disparate sources, in step with the workflow. Learn More. 

Our Technology

SurgeryOptimizer is based on a breakthrough mathematical model, combining the salient features of integer programming, constraint based and heuristic search techniques. The solution is capable of handling very large optimization problems involving hundreds of thousands of variables and constraints while optimizing a similar magnitude of components to the objective function. 

We have also integrated the benefits of many recent innovations in the web technology (multi-tenanted and single-instance, mobility, in-memory data grid, rich user experience and social integration) improving the usability, accessibility and application speed significantly.

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