Create High Performing OR with SurgeryOptimizer

The benefits of SurgeryOptimizer includes improved accuracy of scheduling with reduced cancellations, decreased patient waiting time for operations, increased utilization of expensive operating room equipment, increased utilization of operating facilities and reduced administrative effort. Since operating rooms constitute a sizable portion of a hospital’s cost, these benefits potentially decrease healthcare costs in the long run.


  • Enhanced patient safety
  • Reduced waiting time and cancellations
  • Reduced gap in billing estimation and actual
  • Effective notification of surgery status to next of kin
  • Consistent service quality


  • Increased OR revenue by 10-25% (more cases)
  • Reduced surgery cost by 5-15% (less usage time)
  • Reduced payroll expenses (less overtime)
  • Reduced litigation cost (less medical errors)


  • Understand true cost of surgery
  • Improve accuracy in OR financial forecasting
  • Accurate and faster billing process
  • Fiscal accountability through detailed audit trail

OR Team

  • Increased OR throughput by  10-25%
  • Reduced overrun cases  by 20-30%
  • Reduced surgery cancellations by 10-30%
  • Better visibility of OR resources
  • Standardization of surgery planning practices


  • Improved time management (reminders on case delays)
  • Improved litigation protection (WHO safety checklist)
  • Reduced idle time (responsive services)
  • Improved competitiveness through KPIs